The Female Lead is a Black Lotus

The Female Lead is a Black Lotus
[Raws] (75 chapters + extras: Complete)

An outwardly gentle, two-faced on the inside top x a silly, free and easy ordinary bottom
What do you do if you tranmigrate into a villainess?

Lin Siyi: Good thing the female lead is a holy mother. As long as I get along with her, I’ll be good.

She wants to hug the female lead’s thigh to avoid death but finds out that the one who put the original body to death was actually the female lead?!
The female lead she thought was a white lotus is actually completely a black lotus?

Lin Siyi prepares to run. Nan Xueqing closes in step by step. “I never said I was a good person.”
Since you’ve provoked me, do you think you can escape?

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